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"My purpose is to lead individuals, companies, and organizations to their next level! I live out loud and lead with life.  I can help you do the same." Amy

Business Acumen
Amy Westbrook has over thirty- five years in the field of sales, marketing, and business development and in serving business professionals.

Excellence Minded
She has repeatedly held award -winning sales manager positions.  Amy gained more success in sales as an executive with a #1 broadcasting company in Austin, Texas. Here she advanced to Director of Business Development and led a highly skilled sales staff of over 25 people.

Amy pivoted from the media industry to own and operate the Idea House-a business development company, a national gourmet food show and later co-founded a custom home building company as a managing partner. Her strong spiritual foundation prompted her to form a 501c3 outreach ministry, SouledOut Ministries,  in 2008. On behalf of the 501c3 she hosted a morning radio show, L!ve with Amy,  for 4 years focusing on personal growth for professional development.

Amy has thrived in spite of impossible odds including physical paralysis. Prior to the paralysis she was an athletic energizer with a love for all things active. She remains a high functioning unstoppable ball of energy even with her uninvited afflictions.

Amy is a leading expert in guiding professionals from tragedy to triumph through her unique communication gift and her miraculous story.  She earned a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University. She is a certified Life Coach, Personality Trainer and is a graduate of CLASS speakers school.

Amy resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and teenage daughter where she runs her business, ministry and hosts her podcast show L!ve with Amy.

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