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Souled Out!

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Are you tired of the status quo, feeling tethered to a dream-stealer you can’t identify, and regularly asking yourself, “Will I make it through?”

If you’ve been paralyzed by life’s unexpected outcomes, can you ever radically recover? Speaker and former radio personality Amy Westbrook answers that question with a resounding Yes!

A recovered paraplegic, she has endured three decades of unexpected outcomes (including various forms of physical and emotional paralysis).

In this book, she draws upon her wins and losses to help others overcome the “wheelchair” that life has placed them in. Each chapter delivers proven tactics to help you bypass the obstacles that may be holding you back from your God-ordained destiny, just as she did.

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Shockingly honest and down to earth, Souled Out will:

  • Clarify the reason you keep falling short of what you have promised yourself.
  • Expose why, no matter how hard you try, you remain in an endless loop, never quite getting across the finish line
  • Provide tested and effective tools to rid yourself of frustration, disappointment, self-sabotage, hidden barriers and self-doubt (yes, it is possible to be smart and successful…but stuck!)
  • Reveal why transition scares you to death (any why Amy’s “transition recipe” might be just what you need!)

With commitment, diligence, and a powerhouse mindset anyone can transition through devastating experiences. You can champion your life to its next level. If you are deeply purposed to attain your next-level life whether you’re looking for a second, third, or even fourth chance start reading and say hello to the next-level you.

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Souled Out! Attain Your Next -Level Life DESPITE Unexpected Outcomes

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I’m soooo excited for you to get a sneak peak of my book! I wrote this book with changing lives like yours on the forefront of my mind.

You will reap the benefits of all the processes I learned during my challenging journey out of paralysis PLUS learn the wisdom I gained maneuvering three decades of traumatic unexpected outcomes.

These first free chapters set the stage for the entire download you receive throughout the book.

I adopted the format of telling a story then teaching the how to from that story. So, every single chapter is power packed with in-the- trenches know how.

Everything is “overcomeable” and I will teach you how! Enjoy these first chapters hot off the press.

    Souled Out is more than just a title, it is a way of life. A philosophy that is the driving force for every endeavor in life. A practical actionable discipline of aligning our mind, will and emotions to express the core of who we are. It launches us into the life we long for. It’s a philosophy of passion.

    A mindset. Resolve. A conviction.

    And it’s about to make you renewed and relentless!


    About the Author

    Hey there ! I’m Amy. I am a former paraplegic and this is a book about the miraculous road I passed down that taught me how to ‘walk again’ in every area of my life. The goodness is that I get to hand off to you every in-the-trenches-lesson learned, and the processes for success that if practiced, will radically redirect your life for the better.

    I was fueled by green tea, matcha and protein bars to get this message into your hands and heart. In doing so I not only fought the “quarantine 15” but, ALSO the, “I’m writing again 10,” (so you are welcome for that sacrifice!) There’s a lot of sitting involved in 50- thousand plus words and I’m not a sitter by nature!

    I never thought for a minute I would name this book Souled Out!. Although that way of life had been my existence since birth and the brainchild for the 501c3 I formed as an outreach to women – an exclamation of turning from a life of being “sold out” to one of passion and laser-purpose.. becoming
    “souled out.”

    There were probably two or three titles I had tucked away in my mind for over ten years. The day I handed the manuscript to my editor I said, “I am not going to tell you my ideas for a title. I’ll just wait and see if anything rises to the top after you experience the manuscript.” When I got the book back from first edit she had insignificantly written at the top “Souled Out.”

    She had no idea had embedded that way of life was to the fiber of my being.

    And, as soon as I saw it there I knew that was the name. The sensing I got was as if God were saying, “Souled out is the thread of your entire life and this title is what will change lives, the act of becoming Souled Out! This book is a transparent look into those particular chapters of my life where I was fighting for my physical mobility. And, it eludes to other forms of emotional paralysis and healing in my life that spanned three decades.

    You will soon discover I am a communicator, a God girl, passionate ‘til eternity, an entrepreneur, mom, a podcast host, and hopelessly, relentlessly optimistic.

    I hate that I cannot physically move the way my brain and body want to move and I hate the fading away of the activity obsessed life I knew for 40 years. But, I love every single ounce of what God is doing with the intense wisdom that has come from the multiplicity of trauma and healing out of them as well as the fun and exciting experiences I have had in this adventurous life that only “I” can call “mine”!

    Whew! All of that redirected to help you also attain a life of freedom and fulfillment just as I have DESPITE unexpected outcomes. As I wrote this book it was my heart’s desire to:

    Empower you to action.
    Lighten your struggles.
    Answer your concerns.
    Transform your thinking AND inspire you intensely!

    Hopefully, I accomplished ALL of that.