Amy is available for:

  • Keynote
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Breakout Group Sessions
  • Television and Radio interviews
  • Panelist
  • Facilitation
  • Master of Ceremonies


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"I will deliver content that is ripe for success through an engaging and informative program, whether I’m your keynote speaker, break-out presenter, or a panelist." Amy

Choose from any of the following or let's customize.

  • What is Paralyzing You? - We are all paralyzed by something in life. Get your team moving again! Restore hunger and passion for desired goals. Amy’s keynote will profoundly affect your team and cause them to not only identify what is paralyzing them but also give them key steps to get moving again.
    Not stuck? Then this keynote will motivate any successful team to their next level!
    *Amy uses the comparison to her physical paralysis to motivate change and it delivers every single time!
  • The Queen of Unexpected Outcomes - Never been in this predicament before? Amy gets it. She had never been paraplegic either. This is a "thrive now" how-to in unexpected outcomes.
  • Discover a Unified Powerstance - Hidden keys leaders can apply to motivate mid-level staff.
  • Tools for Perseverance that Create Momentum.
  • Navigate Transition with Confidence and Success!
  • Next Level Mindset - Your leaders next level lives within a mindset-reset.
  • Next Level Equipping - Need some new tools in order to rise? We've got you covered!
  • Something More Powerful Than Well Thought Out Goals - Habits! Habits are not goals and habits dismantle the "almost there syndrome."
  • Relight that Fire! -If your top tier needs fire Amy's life story of tragedy to triumph will accomplish just that.