Next Level L!fe for Businesses and Organizations

There is a L!fe or lack thereof within your business or organization and it is critical to success.  Are you ready to take your leaders to the next level? If your leaders don’t grow then no one they lead and manage will grow. It is that simple.  Everything begins and ends at the top tier.  Let Amy dig deep and infuse l!fe to your leaders for renewed focus and energy!

Your leaders will experience hands-on discovery, applied learning, and gain feedback and mentoring from our workshops. This process infuses new pathways of thinking.  The result is positive emotion that drives a shift in behavior. Woven within that experience is the thread of excellence. Amy has spent a lifetime applying excellence to her personal, professional, and spiritual life.  She will teach your top-level to lead with excellence.

Amy’s training style is engaging, interesting, and fun. Tell your attendees there is no need to dread a training day with Amy. Next level training methods focus on restoring and re-launching your business or organization to its next level l!fe.  Amy is a former paraplegic. She knows how to get your business and team up and moving

Trainings Include:

L!ve with Amy provides tailored training that addresses your particular points of pain.  Excellence is a culture and it begins at the top The top tier is also where your success and revenue health resides.  Next level trainings meet the specific needs of business owners, executives, team leaders, and managers.

  • Elements of decisiveness, clarity, and motivated action.
  • Basic brain science. An absolute game changer!
  • So goes your life so goes your business. We dig deep.
  • You give us the theme. We apply the tactics and processes. (Not sure of the theme? Let's strategize.)

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